Difficult Sites

What is a ‘difficult site’? Perhaps your block is steep, oddly shaped or hard to access; the ground may be clay, or even seem to be solid rock.  These blocks often scare builders away, but we see them differently.  We see them as a challenge, an opportunity to develop a unique design that works with the land, and build you an outstanding home which maximises the potential of its location.

Building on difficult sites throughout the hills of Perth and its surrounds is our specialty – we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.  A large percentage of the houses we build on these sites are timber framed and pole homes.  While brick construction is still a possibility on a lot of these blocks, the siteworks to achieve this can be quite costly, which is where pole homes become a fantastic alternative, allowing you to maximise your views, make the most of the available space and save on site costs.

Recent challenges for not only hills properties but any that are close to trees and vegetation is working with the Bushfire Regulations to meet the Australian Standards for homes and additions.  We have a lot of experience working with assessors to achieve the optimal outcome to allow the construction and design to meet the level requested by the projects surroundings.

Our in-house knowledge and years of experience with working on difficult sites means that we know more than most on how to overcome almost any obstacle – if there is a way to build on it we will find it, and then work with you to build the home you envisioned for your dream block.


The gallery below provides some examples of previous challenges we’ve come across.